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December 2023 - A successful kick off meeting of the Erasmus Newclim project

A successful kick off meeting of the Erasmus Newclim project:
“New trainings to manage climate & ecological transitions in perennial fruit crops“ The first conference of the Newclim project, an education initiative co-funded by the Erasmus+Programme took place on the 11& 12th of December at Institut Agro Dijon (France).

Climate change poses a significant challenge to agriculture and specially to perennial fruit crops such as grapevine and apple. Indeed, the long lifespan and the duration of the cycle of production slow down the adoption of new varieties and/or the improvement of cultivation management methods to adapt to environmental fluctuations. In addition, these crops are highly susceptible to a range of pests and diseases, while there is an imperious society demand for a reduction of inputs, particularly of phytosanitary compounds. In this regard, new educational programs are needed to train undergraduates and graduates, but also professional players, about how to run more resilient cropping systems integrating up-to-date scientific and technical advances.

The Newclim project aims at enhancing cooperation between EU universities from France (L’Institut Agro - IA), Sweden (The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences - SLU), Germany (Weincampus Neustadt, Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society –LUBS) and partners from Chile (The University of Chile), with a focus on how to integrate the climate transition and smarter practices in the agricultural sector, focusing on two major economic value fruit crops. The project will be dedicated to the production of a digital platform displaying open source educational materials. Those educational materials will be fed by research resources on the topic issued from the scientific and educational activities of the four universities.

Newclim will also develop students' and staff's digital competencies through e-learning opportunities and disseminate the final deliverables to a broad audience. Throughout the project’s kick off meeting, participants reviewed the project goals and expectations of the different stakeholders with respect to the project outcome. The five work package (WP) leaders (P. Lallemand & C.Tarragon – IA, D. Durner & J. Bogs– LUBS, L.Nordmark– SLU) also presented the content, objectives, activities and tasks that will be planned over the next months.